Medium Voltage (MV) Solutons

33kV & 11kV Substations

We are into delivering Turnkey solutions and Single-source responsibility from CONCEPT to DELIVERY. Services include line routing, structure and foundation design and analysis, optimized structure spotting, lightning performance analysis, upgrading evaluation and design, and preparation of material and construction specifications. Our capabilities for power delivery systems encompass:

  • Distribution networks
  • Transmission system 
  • Communication facilities
  • Overhead and underground lines

Indoor & Outdoor 11kV & 33kV VCB panels

  • Our products range include Medium Voltage Switchgear panels of voltage range 3.3kV to 33kV. 
  • 33kV / 11kV VCB Switchgear Panels with current ratings from 1250A to 2500A. 
  • Outdoor Panels 33kV panels with Kiosk Type construction with double doors in the front.
  • SF6 Switchgear Panels of voltage range 3.3kV to 11kV and current ratings from 1250A to 3150A. 
  • Kiosk Type construction With Double door in the front shall be provided.
  • Fully Compartmentalized construction for optimal safety and protection

CT PT Combined Metering units

We supply, Install and commissioning of Outdoor type Medium Voltage Outdoor Oil-Filled Combined CTPT units.

  • Equipment voltage up to 36kV
  • Rated Primary Current (A) up to 3000A
  • Rated Secondary Current(A) 5A or 1A

36kV & 11kV Auto Recolsers

We supply, Install and commissioning of Outdoor type Auto recloser switchgears for smart grids

  • Rated Voltage 11kV / 33kV
  • Continuous current rating up to 800A
  • Weather proof and can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Control Cabinet with Human interface levels

Power & Distribution Transformers

Our services include Supply, Install and Commissioning of Outdoor / indoor type Power / Distribution Transformers

  • Up to 2500kVa 11kV / 33kV class for Distribution Transformers
  • Power Transformers ratings up to Upto 10MVA,33kv Class
  • With OLTC/ OCTC
  • Type tested at CPRI for short circuit, lightening impulse
    and temperature rise for 5MVA 33/11kv

MV Heat shrink Cable Joints & Terminations

  • We stock, supply and Termination of 3Core XLPE/PVC insulated heat shrinkable type termination Kits for insulated cables up to 36 KV rated voltage
  • Heat shrinkable type Straight Through Joints for up to 36kV XLPE/PVC cables
  • Cold shrinkable type terminations up to 36 KV rated voltage

System Earthing

  • We execute complete technological range of services and products for the design, implementation and control Earthing.
  • Measuring and maintaining resistance of the entire grounding system
  • Compliance with Tanesco regulations and standards for ensuring electrical safety and preventing electrical hazards.